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Ken Luxon


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Ken Luxon

Parkinsons Local Advisor For Swindon, North Wiltshire Kennet, Amesbury, & Tidworth

Tel: 0344-225- 3761




Introductory message from Ken

I thought that I might write a few words to introduce myself. I am the new Parkinsons UK local Advisor, I have taken over some of the areas that Rekha used to cover, that is an impressive pair of boots to fill.


I am new to the area having only moved to Bristol last summer from London. My wife is a Methodist Minister and so gets moved around periodically. We now live in Downend, north Bristol. We have 2 daughters, both at university, the older one is in Dublin studying Literature and Philosophy and the younger one is at Goldsmiths studying Psychology & Neuroscience.


My own professional background is that I have spent most of the last 7 years working for Age UK in Brent, (N W London.) While there I taught IT classes, recruited and managed the volunteers, ran the befriending scheme and was, occasionally, Office Manager. Prior to that I had done 10 years with a variety of CABs and before that, social work with adults with learning disabilities. I hope that you can see that, wile I am still learning about both Parkinsons and the North Wiltshire area, I do have some useful experiences to bring with me.


I hope to get to meet many of you over the next few months. Remember, if you need any information or assistance you can call me and it will be my role to either get you the information or put you in touch with the people who have it. I am working 17 hours a week covering North Wiltshire & Swindon so I will not always be available on the end of a phone, but leave me a message and I will usually get back to you within a day or two.



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