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Respite Programme


The Parkinson’s Swindon & District Branch “ Parkinson’s Respite” to help support carers of people affected by Parkinson’s was started in February 2017. Respite is funded by the Wiltshire Community Foundation, Nationwide Building Society and from funds raised for carer by the Kentwood Show Choir. The revised service starts on Monday 11 June 2018.


Respite can be booked by carers:

  • Up to 4 hours each Monday.
  • Between the hours of 9am and 4pm.

Transport is available and provided Hop, Skip & Jump if required where there is no other means to get the person to be cared for to/from the Respite Centre at Hop, Skip & Jump. There will be a nominal charge of £5 for the return trip payable to the driver at the time of pick up.


This service offers 4 hours of free respite and transport where required for just £5.


How it will work:

The aim is to provide a secure facility where the person being cared can be left, allowing the carer time to shop, meet a friend for a coffee and chat or just some time for themselves. Hop, Skip & Jump is located at Upper Shaw Ridge, Ridge Green, Shaw, Swindon SN5 5PU. The Centre Supervisor Clarrissa Legg has previously worked in a Nursing Home with residents who have Parkinson’s.


To register please contact your Branch Welfare Officer Keith Cooper on 01793 871848. Keith will advise Hop, Skip & Jump of your eligibility. He will also send you forms for completion with name and details of the person to be cared for, including emergency contact details, medication, dietary needs and a questionnaire about what their interests are. If Keith is on holiday please contact the person on the telephone number advised on Keith’s answer phone. Please note this service is only available during school term dates.


If the person going into respite has the ability to self-medicate and keep their medication on their person to safeguard others, they will be permitted to do so. Full details regarding medication are on the medication form provided. You will need to take the completed forms on the first visit to Hop, Skip & Jump. While at Hop Skip & Jump refreshments are provided and activities arranged for those who choose to participate.


To book a place after completing the forms including booking transport contact Hop, Skip & Jump on 01793 873098 stating it is for Monday Parkinson’s Respite. You can have up to 4 hours respite free in addition to transport if required. If demand is high, it may be necessary to limit bookings to ensure everyone has an opportunity to use the service. However if spaces are available, unused additional hours can be allocated free on a first come first served basis. It is important that the carer collect the person in respite on time if not using the transport service. If you have used up your free monthly allowance and there are no unused Branch provided hours left and you still wish to use of the service, the cost is £14 per hour provided space is available and payable directly to Hop, Skip and Jump.


Dave Logan

Branch Chair (07887 354641)


31 May 2018