Hi folks, Sarah Rhodes and I are considering starting a Facebook group specifically for the Swindon and surrounding areas Parkinson’s group. 

It would be a private page, so only open to our members and carers, that means no adverts or cold calling.

We could share information about our treatment, our meds and successes as a group. Maybe photos and reminders of up coming events and fund raising etc.

I collected some names of people who are interested at the Cricklade coffee morning but if you would like to have your name added to the list, or just want some info and or reassurance, please contact either of us on: 

dearymee66@gmail.com (don’t forget the ‘ee’)

We could also do with a couple more folks to help as moderators and admin. Neither of these roles are very demanding but ‘a job shared is a job halved.’ We can talk you through what needs to be done.

Prospective members need to be on Facebook to be able to use it. We can give some easy steps to those unsure. 

Dee Vaughan Group Member and Volunteer